Putting an End to ITRADER Scam Rumors

There seems to be rumors claiming that ITRADER is a scam but in reality, there are all just false accusations.

ITRADER is an established brokerage company that is committed to providing clients with a safe, secure and reliable trading environment.

Initially, a brokerage company that is registered cannot be labelled as a “scam”. The process of getting a license and a regulation notice is long and grueling; there are no short cuts in this process.

Reliable Forex Broker

ITRADER is owned by Hoch Capital LTD which is a Cyprus Investment Firm regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) with the license number 198/13 that operates under the standards of the MiFid European Union, with that, it is only a given that ITRADER should operate within the rules of the union and is obligated to provide investors with an integrated process of generating capital market while providing investors with protection and a secure space for trading.

With regards to client investments, which is a very sensitive topic for any investor, ITRADER uses a sophisticated and the most advanced security measures in order to safe-guard each of the client’s investments. The company submits a financial report to CySec for moderation and regulation.

Partnership with Manchester City

In addition, ITRADER has recently acquired a partnership with the well-known soccer team, Manchester City. This partnership definitely proves the legitimacy of the company and negates all the rumors of it being a scam. The plan of ITRADER is to show investors that the partnership with Manchester City is a way to lead the campaign and make traders realize its credibility and safety of the company.