ITRADER Services

iTrader Services
ITRADER is a leading regulated online trading broker that lets you trade anywhere around the world, offering various services that are essential to any trader. It also ensures security, transparency and integrity to your funds and comfort for its large operation unlike in any other online market.

The ITRADER online trading platform is displayed like a standard website, so it is intuitive and can be navigated easily by those who are new to trading; it is clearly a good choice for both beginning and experienced traders.

Among the services offered by ITRADER are the following:

Withdrawal and Account Verification

This service lets traders verify their accounts and make withdrawals. The page provides all the necessary information needed for the process. The requirements are listed and defined thoroughly for ease of compliance.

Education Center

ITRADER’s education center page provides users with comprehensive and convenient Forex education learning options. They feature eBooks, V.O.D’s, courses, tutorials and articles which are highly educational and organized, and on top of that, all of it are absolutely free.

The eBook is really comprehensive and very informative. It also provides exercises at the end of every chapter to assess on how far you have learned. The  V.O.D.’s and courses  features a series of videos that are categorized and structured accordingly for users to get the basics regarding strategies, trend analysis, and market prediction.

For beginners who are not familiar with forex and trading terminologies, a glossary page is also provided for reference. They have also put up a FAQ page for any added concerns.

Daily Reviews

ITRADER also provides daily market reviews. You could browse into their daily reviews page to know about the latest news and happenings about the financial market.

Trader Tools

The Trader Tools present you with data that are essential for making decisions and adopt trading strategies that fit challenging circumstances. They offer economic calendars, calculators, market analysis, chart analysis and asset index, all of which are put up within your disposal.


ITRADER also has a new service on the rise; the webinars page. This page allows you to upgrade your trading skills and knowledge by the use these live webinars. You could also ask questions or watch the recorded webinars available at their website. It fits to both professionals and beginners in trading.